5 Tips To Help You And Your Family Avoid Sugar


Not only does removing and reducing sugar help with weight loss, it also reduces the risk of disease and helps to improve our immune system. I personally found that I stopped getting sick when I removed 100% sugar from my diet (make no mistake, I still enjoy sweet foods!). It was the final change I made to my diet about 10 years ago and if I accidently ate some, then I’d get sick. I don’t enjoy being unwell, so I avoid refined-sugar, but as you’ve probably seen from my recipes, it doesn’t mean I go without delicious sweet foods! You’ll also likely improve your mood and have improved skin and a better memory so I can’t think of better reasons!

Sugar has been found to be more addictive than heroin and cocaine in studies, so it’s not easy to give up, but here are my top 5 tips to help you and your family.

Avoid low-fat foods, these were created by the food industry as highly addictive foods. Designed to appeal to those wanting to maintain a lower body weight, they mostly add sugars and table salt for taste and prove to be very addictive foods, often containing other chemicals too. Replace with natural whole-foods or products where you recognise every ingredient.

Read ingredients for hidden sugars – if the second or third ingredient is sugar, it will be loaded with sugar. A good example is ketchup, which contains 4g of sugar in a single tablespoon of ketchup, this is why kids are addicted to this product. You can make your own from my recipe here or you can now buy ketchup without sugar like this one, it’s very delicious.

Don’t replace with artificial sweeteners – sweeteners like aspartame are in Diet Coke and over 6,000 other products, they are linked to diabetes, cancer, emotional disorders, even epilepsy. They even cause weight gain, see here!!! Instead, opt for other options, keep reading…

Use Fruit, nature’s sugar – don’t be scared to use a little fruit, we all have sweet cravings and if we avoid fruit we are more likely to binge on sugar. Eating a couple of dates can really help control your blood sugar and satisfy your cravings, they are absolutely full of health-giving minerals and have even been shown to be protective on the teeth, see here. We are currently enjoying an abundance of mangos while in Mexico, follow us on Instagram here to see more.

Natural sweeteners – I personally use raw honey, maple syrup and sometimes coconut sugar, I can control how much sweetener I add to my foods and, over time I have reduced my consumption and my taste buds can feel the effects from small doses.

Have you tried giving up sugar as a family? Be kind to yourself, it is not an easy food to avoid or give up but I’d love to know your feedback if you do..

Wishing you a beautiful weekend and I’ll try and get the time difference right for an email next week so you can expect an email from me at 11:30am each Friday with recipes and natural health tips!!!

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