8 Real-Food Alternatives for a Healthy and Delicious Christmas!



Over the last few weeks, I’ve spoken to many people who have said to me, “I can’t even think about being healthy when it’s Christmas, I’ll wait till January”  To everyone who feels like this I want to reassure you that being healthy is not about deprivation or dieting, just a commitment to eat real-food today and every day.  With this in mind, here are my whole-food healthy Christmas tips.

1.  Make your own gravy with meat juices or even use bone broth as a stock 

Essential amino acids that can only to be obtained from the diet are often lost in the cooking juices of meat so the best way to ensure maximum nutrients is to reserve the meat juices to make a delicious real food gravy.   Bone broth has also been used by many to heal health conditions, food intolerances, to improve appearance of the skin and enhance joint health.

2.  Add some grass-fed butter (such as Kerrygold) to your vegetables 

Abundant in fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, grass-fed butter also provides Omega 3s and the short chain fatty acids can even boost your metabolism.

3.  Homemade Cranberry sauce made with fresh cranberries, raw honey and freshly squeezed orange

Cranberrries are second only to blueberries in their antioxidant power but are depleted when you add sugar so keep it homemade and as close to nature as possible for a truly healthy accompaniment to your turkey.

4.  Cook the potatoes in goose fat for a crispy roastie

Saturated fats are healthy, history has shown that the incidences of heart disease have steadily increased with the decline of butter and animal fats for more science check here.

5.  Put your cheese board on some cucumber slices instead of crackers

Cucumbers are 95% water but also full of anti-inflammatory properties important for brain health as well as abundant in B vitamins which can help ease feelings of stress and anxiety.

6.  Make a homemade dessert with raw honey instead of refined sugar such as this easy chocolate avocado pudding

Raw honey has been shown to be full of antioxidants and can even lower fasting blood sugar.  It also has antibacterial properties that in recent studies have shown to be as effective as antibiotics for certain bacteria.

7.  Have a couple of squares of rich 75%+ dark chocolate

Dark chocolate (note, this is not the same for milk chocolate) contains anti-inflammatory properties shown to be particularly significant in studies looking at heart health. It is also renowned for its antioxidant polyphenols that inhibit free radicals.

8.  Graze on some raw macadamia nuts 

These nuts are packed with Omega 3s and 85% healthy monounsaturated fats as well as being are extremely satisfying.


Most of all enjoy a decadent, delicious Christmas with loved ones because you don’t have to wait till January to be healthy!

Happy Christmas everyone

Vanessa x

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