Most people I meet assume I’m naturally thin or that I just teach so many Zumba classes that I’m physically fit and therefore a different physiology to them but I haven’t always been this size and like most, have a past of yo-yo dieting and self-loathing towards my body. I’ve struggled with using food as a crutch and an emotional barrier, I’ve also fallen into the trap of emotional eating, treating myself with food through difficult times in my life or even when I just needed to block out a rough day.  Like many people, I’ve woken up with the best of intentions this is going to be a “Good day” healthy eating all the way. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about that big bar of chocolate in the cupboard, (used to be partial to a Galaxy cookie bar!) and before I knew it, it was lunch and I was saying “Oh well, this may as well be a bad day” and thinking I’ll start healthy eating tomorrow.  I know I’m not alone with my experiences and I hope like me, you’ve also considered this is not how life is meant to be and therefore endeavour to find that harmonious balance with food – a relationship that gives you pleasure whilst sustaining your health.

We are exposed to food choices today like never before, 80% of what is in our supermarkets wasn’t available 100 years ago.  You might think all this choice is a good thing but as we are flooded with low-fat products (don’t get me started on these unhealthy options), the nation is steadily putting on more weight and experiencing a whole host of health conditions.  I don’t want you to wait until you or someone you know experiences a serious health scare to give the motivation to take control of your health when it can be done today!

My Vision for Healthier Choices and Changing Your Psychology Towards Eating

We’ve all been on diets that have been successful for a short period of time – low-fat, fasting, calorie restriction the list is endless, these diets work for a while and we feel successful but when the weight creeps back on (often more than before) we start to question our willpower and a feeling of failure sets in, we can even start to feel like we self-sabotage our own health. What I’ve learnt from my own experience and working with others is that weight loss isn’t just about eating the right foods, it’s also about mindset. Whilst I teach people how to make healthier choices with food that doesn’t deprive them of the food they love, I will also support you with the psychology of eating so you understand the years of conditioning that have taken place to reach this set point with food. By working to establish the triggers for over eating we can start to build new patterns of behaviour and new habits so that eating becomes a pleasure without any guilt associated, sounds good hey?!

Food to me is one of lives beautiful pleasures, I love good food but I don’t want to be at war with my body.  My journey with food has taken me in lots of different directions but I want to share with you what I’ve learnt because I have reached a point where I can eat all the food that I enjoy whilst truly nourishing my body.  Food to me is the essential fuel that provides me with limitless energy and even more powerfully alters my mood so I feel vibrant and happy.

It’s about being good with food but not necessarily perfect, taking it one day at a time and not waiting for tomorrow to be healthy.

Your health is fundamental to your happiness

I’m not a professional chef, just a working mum with a passion for food so my recipes aim to be simple every day meals, that don’t need a ton of ingredients and that the everyday working mum or dad can whip up super quick.

I want to teach you about food the makes you feel full, energised, totally satiated and happy (trust me there are foods that can do that!). You’ll end up having a love affair with food and realising that it is the most powerful medicine you can take.

Please follow my blog for nutritional advice, recipes and I’ll share some of my love of food, it’s contagious!

Family Life

IPhone 2012-13 334I’m a mum to my little ray of sunshine, Scarlett.. this is us!  She is my inspiration for healthy family life and has likely been my greatest teacher about our natural behaviours with food. I’ve also had my challenges, from raising a toddler to eat vegetables to curing childhood eczema. I know I’m not alone with some of these so keep following my blogs particularly in the children’s section and I’ll offer up some of my tips I’ve learnt along the way.

When I’m not teaching Zumba classes to adults and children, I’m mostly reading nutrition books and research…what can I say, it’s what I love and what makes me tick!  I’m an avid crossfit fan for all round functional fitness and usually finish off my week with a super steamy Bikram yoga session.. ahhh!  I’ve always danced whether it be ballet, salsa or a bit of cha cha cha so I’ve always been active and now I have the nutrition to sustain my busy life.

NLP and RIT Hypnothereapy

I am a fully licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner as well as one of the very few people in the UK licensed to use Rapid Induction Therapy (RIT) TM for hypnosis.  If you’ve not come across NLP before it’s a way of using very simple visualisation and language techniques to change our thoughts, feelings and habits towards food. I trained with the best – creator of NLP, Richard Bandler and I use these skills daily in my coaching.

I also use hypnosis and RIT to make change happen fast so that your subconscious works with you to achieve your goals.

Iphone 20123 930Ali-Campbellphoto (10)   mckenna

With Richard Bandler, creator of NLP
With Ali Campbell, RIT trainer
With Dr Natasha Campbell McBride, GAPS Protocol
With Paul McKenna, NLP and Hypnotherapy trainer
(Left to right)


  • GAPS Practitioner
  • Level 4 in Nutrition from the Royal Society for Public Health
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy
  • Rapid Induction Therapist TM

Coaching with Me

Through personal experience, working with groups and my research I have developed a programme to coach you to a new healthier you. I do teach healthy nutrition but I don’t advocate one particular diet, we are individuals and therefore need to tailor the way we eat to suit our genes and lifestyles. That being said, I do have a strong preference for ancestral methods of eating because I believe here is where we are steeped in healthy traditions (eating from the land) which we have sadly lost through the introduction of processed and fast food along with our declining health.

So if you want to… lose weight, improve your vitality, feel healthier, happier, improve your complexion or build an enjoyable relationship with food then please get in touch on the contacts page, I’d love to hear from you.

Vanessa x

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