Do you have a slow cooker or instant pot?


I’ve always loved using a slow cooker and more recently an instant pot, I love it for the health benefits and ease. Some of my favourite meals to cook in the slow cooker are Dal, Lentil Bolognaise, Curry and Miso Soup.

  • I love to use this kitchen equipment for these reasons:
  • I can bulk cook larger quantities
  • Less toxins because it reduces AGEs (advanced glycation end-products) that you would usually get from frying and grilling, these age our cells
  • Healthier cookware, I really like the stainless steel instant pots, these do not leach chemicals into the food when cooking
  • It preserves the nutrients by cooking low heat and slowly
  • It’s quick to prepare, you can put in all the ingredients and cook it over-night or through the day while working
  • It’s inexpensive to run, cheaper then your cooker
  • Less washing up by cooking in 1 container
  • Intensifies the flavours of the spices by cooking for longer time.

If you would like some of my slow cooker recipes, join my Natural Health Mamas Group and I’ll be sharing some in the coming weeks. My favourite recipe at the moment is Miso Soup, it takes a couple of hours in the slow cooker to make it’s packed full of healthy ingredients.

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