Harnessing The Power Of Mushrooms For Their Health Benefits


I have been using medicinal mushrooms (no, I don’t mean the psychedelic ones!) for about 10 years, I have tried them fresh (apart from Chaga which needs cooking), dried, chunks and supplemental form and have integrated them in various ways into my diet so I thought I’d share 3 of my favourites.

Nothing is the panacea when it comes to health but if you want to consume a food that is unrivalled in its plethora of health benefits than mushrooms would be it.

Chaga Mushrooms

I love to use the chunks of wild-harvested mushrooms from Indigo Herbs and I steep the chunks on the stove for about an hour in water. I then add this amazing elixir to tea, porridge or even as the base for a raw cacao hot chocolate (stay tuned next week and I’ll share my recipe with you).

Cancer prevention
Immune support

Reishi Mushrooms

The first mushroom powder that I tried and I still add it to smoothies or on top of porridge, I really feel that this funghi keeps my immune system strong in the winter months.

Immune Support
Hormone support

Lions Mane Mushrooms

This one is incredible for brain health, I used to have it mixed with the occasional coffee, I found coffee much more tolerable for the caffeine affects but I have also taken it in the supplemental tablets to enhance cognition and the creative expression in my work.

Cognition Support
Reduce Inflammation

There are many other varieties of mushrooms to try like cordecep or turkey tail, you can even forage for some of these mushrooms in the UK October-November but please seek advice on foraging, some mushrooms can make you very ill if you pick wrong.

I know I’m going to be asked.. so, which are my favourite mushroom brands to try, I do my due diligence on the companies that I use. Some of my favourite brands are Indigo Herbs, Mushrooms4Life, Hifas da Terra for their quality and care taken in creating a product with the highest nutritional contents.

Even your regular button mushrooms will support immunity but if you’re not a mushroom fan, (I know many who do not like them, I personally could eat raw chestnut mushrooms all day!!) then these medicinal mushrooms are an easy integration, you can even add the powder to your cooked soups and stews, cooking will not impair their benefits.

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