Health Benefits of Broccoli Seeds


Sprouts are the germinated seeds of the vegetable and they are very superior in their nutrient content. You can sprout lots of different vegetables, for example, alfalfa, broccoli, radish, peas and mung beans.

I particularly like broccoli sprouts for their ease and nutrient information to the cells. A compound called Sulforaphane (sometimes referred to as the DNA whisperer) has over 650 scientific publications, responsible for the health benefits of:

  • Supporting healthy cells and anti-cancer capabilities (many studies with multiple types of cancers like here
    or here)
  • Assists in detoxification processes as shown here
  • Protects cells from oxidative damage
  • Supports the gut microbiome
  • Helps with healthy joints
  • Supports lowering blood pressure, as shown here
  • Help to improve respiratory health

If you think your children won’t eat the slightly peppery flavour of broccoli sprouts, I hide them in a green smoothie or a chocolate avocado pudding.

Have you tried sprouting before? It’s a lot easier than you think and with possible food shortages coming, stocking up on some seeds will help you to stock your kitchen with a super nutrient-dense food.

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