How Ferments Can Transform your Health..


I remember when my daughter had chronic eczema as a baby, I had no money and I was desperately looking for answers!! I was so fortunate to discover fermented foods and to say, that they had an impact on my life, my daughter’s health (and even my dog at the time) would be an understatement!


Did you know that fermented foods can do the following (researched with clinical trials):

  • Remove pesticides from the body, including glyphosate and inorganic mercury
  • Help with joint pain
  • Support skin disorders – like eczema and psoriasis
  • Improve the mood
  • Remove radiation
  • Reduce the incidences of cancer
  • Increase your metabolism and balance blood sugar levels
  • Significantly enhance your immune system and manage infections like Candida, Scarlet fever, influenza and typhoid to name a few

It will also preserve your food in times of food shortage and unlock nutrient availability by sometimes as much as 20x, e.g Sauerkraut has 10x the vitamin C as cabbage! It was the original way to preserve food prior to refrigeration keeping tribes healthy. In fact, Captain Cook sailed the world with barrels of Sauerkraut and it was the first time in the West, that all the sailors came back healthy and didn’t die from Scurvy (lack of Vitamin C).

I’m bringing fermented foods to life with an online course because I hope it will help other families out there looking (as I was!) for the most inexpensive way to hack their health with extra nutrients, toxin removal, chronic disease healing and prevention and most importantly, immunity support. I’ve been teaching fermentation lunches, workshops and courses for over a decade but this is the first time bringing this to you online.

What’s inside the Course?

  • A beginners course of cultured / fermented foods with 10 video tutorials
  • FAQ documents so you feel confident with your cultures
  • Recipes guides with alternative ways to flavour your ferments
  • A history of fermentation
  • Details about how cultured foods can support your health, supported by scientific evidence
  • Access recipe videos so you can follow step by step
  • Save time and money with all the cultured food video information in one place
  • A membership platform for easy access to the course
  • A Facebook group for community, connection and idea sharing

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