Eating For Health and Happiness

  • Let go of dieting to enjoy the pleasure of eating guilt-free
  • Dispel the dieting myths
  • Discover a sustainable way of eating for health, energy, immunity and more..
  • Learn about foods that nourish and satiate you
  • Eradicate lethargy
  • Learn about foods that heal.. hayfever, eczema, asthma, food intolerances..
  • Use visualisation techniques (NLP) to banish cravings and stop binge-eating
  • Tricks to make cooking simple and quick for busy lives
  • Powerful strategies for a positive body image
  • Lose weight naturally while enjoying delicious food
  • Transform your relationship with food
  • Master anti-aging foods for a youthful complexion
  • Includes practical tips and recipes


Is this course for you?

  • Have you tried several different diets and not been successful long-term?
  • Are you confused about the healthiest way to eat?
  • Are you fed up with having good days calorie counting and guilt-ridden bad days?
  • Are you an emotional or binge-eater?
  • Are you exhausted with that afternoon slump of energy, catching colds and / or not sleeping well?
  • Are you never happy with your body image despite size or shape?
  • Do you suffer from food intolerances, hayfever, problem skin conditions?


What will be covered on the course?

  • The latest science on the most nourishing food for the body (and it’s not low-fat!)
  • Practical advise on food shopping and cooking
  • The healthiest version of the food you love so you never feel deprived (whether its cheesecake or crisps!)
  • Understand where the issues with food originate and learn powerful strategies to change patterns of thinking
  • Gain an understanding of why it’s not just about what you eat but HOW you eat too
  • Learn how to tailor eating for your lifestyle
  • Effective visualisaton techniques to curb emotional / binge-eating
  • Small adaptations you can make to your diet that will have a big impact on your health and energy
  • A new way of looking at your health symptoms
  • Foods that heal the body, provide immunity and aid digestion
  • A future freedom to enjoy food for health and happiness

You will also have access to an internal “closed” facebook group to support each other, share recipes and ask questions between classes.

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Class dates for the Next 6 Week Course

New class starting at Primal Roost in Bagshot, Surrey Wednesday 11th May

Course cost is £85 for the 6 week course.

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