Saving Money Doesn’t Have To Mean Economising On Your Health


When I started my health journey many years ago, I had no money and a lot of health issues to fix for my daughter.

Actually, at the time, I considered my symptoms normal because I hadn’t experienced true health, but as I started to help with my daughter’s eczema, I started using the same protocols for myself. I did no testing and researched all my symptoms and so I learned how to eat healthily on a budget.

Why am I telling you this?

As people start to feel the pinch of increased fuel prices, energy bills, and rising interest rates, it’s important to know hacks to keep your costs low but your health priorities high. It’s also helpful to know how to store food without compromising on nutrients for health so here are my tips.


Buy some vegetable seeds and start a veggie garden. Now is the perfect weather to start growing some seeds and if you start with some simple options like tomatoes, beetroot, lettuce, and rocket (for green nutrients), it grows super easy and quickly too.


Learn to ferment, it’s super simple to do. I recorded some quick, easy recipes for YouTube. You can watch them on my channel, they keep for years and are full of living health benefits for friendly bacteria in your gut microbiome.


Dried Lentils and Beans can be stored for years and soaked and sprouted to increase the nutrient content, they become a plant on sprouting.


Sprout vegetable seeds – broccoli, radish, pea etc (all you need is a jar, cheesecloth and an elastic band) and you get the most ridiculously high nutrient value in a handful!


Basmati Rice keeps for years in storage


Learn which “weeds” can be eaten – dandelion, daisies, nettles, blackberries (just be careful to research edible weeds and make sure they have not been recently sprayed with weed killer) these have much higher nutrients than we can buy in a supermarket.


Spices, last for years, adding flavour and health benefits (e.g turmeric, clove and oregano)

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