Simplicity With Your Meals


Sometimes I think we over-complicate what healthy eating can be. We think we have to make these over-complicated meals from scratch with lots of herbs and spices and we need huge pantries of ingredients and I think it’s important to keep it real.

I’m a Mama (Nutritional Therapist) who loves to cook but I don’t have time to cook every day so I bulk cook and then look for super-easy quick meals when I’m not in the mood! In the winter, when it’s cold (even here in the Costa Rican mountains it gets chilly in the evening!), I rely a lot on soups and stews that I can reheat but I thought I would share my dinner this evening because I think children often prefer the simplicity of picky food and it doesn’t have to compromise on nutrients.

Vegetable Crudites


Picky crudités for an easy dinner

  • Gluten-free breads with a sunflower seeds spread, home-made baba ganoush and pureed vegetables (I often have some dips, humous in the fridge because they make such an easy health quick go-to food!)
  • More pureed vegetables with vegetable crudités
  • Extra large tomatoes with mashed avocado, lemon and garlic with some broccoli sprouts on top

My daughter and I both ate exactly the same and she often prefers these kind of meals to the ones that take an hour to make!

Often we look at the instagram pics and recipes and it can feel like we are failing as Mamas because we can’t fit in work, cleaning, time with children and cooking from scratch so I am looking to create a space for Mamas who want to change their health for the family but want to keep their sanity at the same time!

I have a BRAND new Facebook Group called Natural Health Mamas, there isn’t much content in there yet but stay tuned because I have lots planned for this group and I want to share this first and foremost with my loyal email subscribers so do please join us!

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