I have suffered for many years with a phobia of vomiting. Like most people with a phobia, mine had become more exaggerated, and more dramatised over time and eventually, what was a  minor characteristic, had now turned into a huge catastrophic emotional overreaction. When this happens, you feel powerless to break away from the anxiety that you have created for yourself.
After one hypnotherapy session with Vanessa, she provided me with the tools to think about my phobia in a constructive rather than a destructive way. I very quickly came to think of this as more of a molehill then a mountain and am delighted to say that it is no longer something I think or worry about on a daily basis like before, and it certainly no longer limits my life.

I would urge anybody whose life is limited by phobia or anything else, to meet with Vanessa, she is armed with a whole range of strategies to help with anything you can throw at her!

Kerrie Harding 

Excellent course, it was relaxed, easy to understand and put in to practise.  It’s completely opened my mind to the rubbish I eat and the family does and how we can change.  Would highly recommend.  The cravings for sweet things completely disappeared.

Sian Jones

Really helpful when I felt like I was at a dead end, thank you.  My NLP technique was used for crisps, I used to eat a whole bag of kettle crisps and wouldn’t stop till they were gone.  In 6 weeks I’ve not had not even a handful, I put a clip on  them and haven’t touched them since. 🙂

Louise Surtees

I would highly recommend Vanessa.  She is inspiring and her enthusiasm rubs off.  there is a lot covered and so I have not managed to try everything yet but I do intend to in the near future to help not just myself but my family too.

Nicky Kirby-French

I found it really enjoyable and learnt a lot.  I think I found it a relief finding out its good to eat butter!  I find myself wanting to learn more and discover new ways to cook and improve my health

Kerstey Cornall

I have learnt so much, so much more to learn.  Would recommend to everyone I know.

Ricki Muskett

The course was amazing from start to finish – the way it was planned, communicated and concluded. Vanessa knows what she is talking about – each session flowed with everyone joining in. I’ve always been interested in nutrition and have struggled with finding the right way in which to try and get my health and weight on track  – this course has managed to stop all of the confusion! It’s also given me the knowledge and motivation to change not only the foods that I eat but also what I prepare for my family. I will be recommending the course to everyone! Thank you 🙂

Victoria Ankers

Love, love, love your classes!  You inspire me!

Nelita Weston

Inspirational, re-ignited my excitement about nutrition, re-directed my focus in further exploration down the right path.

Kerrie Harding

Informative, friendly and the course has given me a completely new view on food and healthy eating.  I will recommend to everyone.

Jo Hogan

I have learnt so much about food, how I can still treat myself and eat healthier.  Would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in food and health

Jo Tsuneda

Really enjoyed the classes and feel really positive.

Jacque Harley

An insight into how simple changes to diet can make dramatic changes to health, wellbeing and happiness.  The journey is guided by someone who has travelled it but accepts that none of us is perfect and allows us to accept our mistakes and move on.

Frankie Watkins

A great way to naturally cure yourself of all allergies, it works!

Leonora Jackson

Very interesting

Pam Burridge

Thank you for all your help, brilliant and informative

Lisa Sessions

A highly informative course, lots of tools, could have been longer – 2 months!!

Elaine Foster

Brilliant, would love further courses in the future

Anna Walton


I started my weight loss journey 2 years ago when I first went to one of Vanessa’s Zumba classes. The first year I year I lost 2 stone.  Then my weight plateaued for awhile, so with Vanessa’s help and guidance we started making changes to my eating habits. I also gave NLP a go, which was amazing. It stopped my cravings for sweet things immediately.

I have now lost another 3 stone and the weight is staying off. I feel that my health and fitness have improved greatly.  I can’t believe just by changing a few things in my eating habits has made such a huge difference to my life and how easy it was to do. 

I would happily recommend Vanessa to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.  

Nicola Robinson


Since childhood I have always had an issue with my self-belief and confidence which led to me feeling shy in some social occasions and experiencing uncomfortable and embarrassing blushing.

After just one session with Vanessa I felt like a new person! My shyness is a thing of the past, and I can now socialise in a manner that I would never have thought possible for me!

Thank you Vanessa, I am so grateful for your life-changing treatment!

Zita Campbell

I cannot recommend Vanessa highly enough.  After various attempts to change my eating habits, I just “could not do it”.  Feeling fat, frumpy and completely hopeless at sticking to any “diet”.  I was always going to just “finish that up”, “when all the chocolate has gone”, “start on Monday morning”…. Vanessa got to know me well, understood what worked for me & what didn’t and discovered that hypnosis was the way forward. Within a day, I felt motivated & energised.  The difference after one week was just amazing, I felt healthier, happier, energised & slimmer and also knew that I could change bad eating habits.  Vanessa has educated me on food, my relationship with food and for me & my children’s health, I know I will change my eating habits.  It’s a change in lifestyle, not a diet, it’s not about “going without”.

Nicola Bradshaw

In the last 5 years I’ve had two children, my youngest is now 18 months old and after over a year of her birth I really struggled to get back to my pre pregnancy weight (before babies).  I was having lots of sugar lows, being an on the go mum I was going for the quick snacks cakes and biscuits and I wasn’t feeling great, it also made me spotty and tired.  I’ve been eating gluten-free for the last 8 years after discovering I was intolerant so decided to try paleo and lose all the grain and refined sugar.  I wanted to lose weight as well as eat healthily so Vanessa introduced me to the ketogenic diet, I lost 11lbs and my partner decided he would give it a try and he lost over a stone! We still eat this way 90 per cent of the time and have maintained our weight loss even over Xmas for two months now. Once the first few days of the diet were over it became the norm in our home and we both feel much better for it! 

Helen Mardles

Vanessa has been fantastic with advise on how to change my diet for life.  When  I had bad days she was there to help me get back on track.

Laura Macias

You have helped me change the way that I view food in general and it has helped me lose weight and keep it off.  It has stopped the pains in my tummy, which I know now came from eating wheat.  All your help has been fantastic as well as your support as a mentor. 

Fiona Kennedy

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