Top 5 Ways to Heal Eczema Naturally



Eczema can be healed naturally at the root cause by healing the gut and introducing fermented foods – nature’s secret weapon to healing.

My top 5 ways to heal eczema naturally are:

  1. Eliminate problem food groups from the diet – dairy, eggs, gluten containing grains and possibly nightshades (not everyone)
  2. Avoid triggers by reducing the exposure to toxins in the environment
  3. Introduce probiotics in the form of fermented foods
  4. Increase levels of Vitamin D from the sunshine and the diet
  5. Eat Healthy fats – such as grass-fed animal fats, coconut oil, fish oil, cold pressed olive oil, nuts and seeds

The solution offered to most parents for their children are harsh steroid creams, these are well-known to thin the skin, making it dry and fragile.  Sadly these creams rarely offer a long-term solution because they are only treating the symptom and not the root cause.  Some children will grow out of eczema but it rarely means that the gut issue is resolved and frequently a different symptom will flare up as the child ages.  My personal experience with eczema was for it to disappear only to flare up as continuous hayfever from age 5 years old which subsequently ceased when I healed my gut.  Many of these conditions are accepted as a normal part of growing up and we need to consider they are usually an indication of a deeper seated health concern that requires your attention and can be remedied.

Some useful supplements to consider

For more tips check out my youtube clip above or read about how I healed my daughter’s eczema here.

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