The Fermentation Masterclass

Ferments    Fermented red cabbage salad, apple & walnuts   Courgette linguini (1)

Sunday 28th June, 1pm – 5:30pm   – Newlyns Cookery School, Hampshire

Michelin trained Chef, Jamie Raftery and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Practitioner, Vanessa Woozley are bringing their knowledge and skills together to teach you how and why you should become a Fermentation Master in your kitchen.

Fermentation has been used for centuries in traditional cultures all over the world but largely hidden from the West.  Nature provides this forgotten method of food preservation but more importantly these delicious life-enhancing foods unlock the power to heal and transform your health.

Tickets include:

  • Welcome drinks reception 
  • A raw / fermented lunch from Jamie Raftery (menu below)
  • An overview of the history of fermentation
  • Health talk to decipher the connection between your symptom and your gut, learning how fermented foods (teeming with beneficial bacteria) allow you to thrive
  • Live demonstration and workshop to master the ancient art of wild fermentation, including creating your own ferments to take home*
  • Forum with Jamie and Vanessa to answer your questions about fermentation food preparation and the link to health
  • Jamie’s favourite fermentation recipes sent to you post event
  • Additional health literature to fuel your interest further in the power of fermented foods

*All equipment is provided

You may not currently be linking your health condition to your gut but if any of the following health conditions resonate with you or your family then this event is for you!

Food sensitivities / allergies, skin conditions (eczema, acne, psoriasis, rashes), fatigue, IBS, auto-immune conditions, autism, depression, anxiety, heartburn, brain fog, sugar or starch cravings, low immunity, yeast infections, acid reflux, poor sleep, stress, constipation, diarrhoea, sinus issues, thin hair, brittle nails and many more..

This event brings together the joy of food preparation and the wonderful healing capacity of fermented foods.  Learn from Jamie and Vanessa, two people extremely passionate in helping families bring these foods back to life and handed down the generations in the kitchen.

Event Menu

Welcome drink:

Beetroot kvass with apple & ginger


Salad of fermented red & white cabbage with activated walnuts, raw prune jam, apple cider vinegar & honey


Salmon marinated in turmeric & cooked in coconut oil, courgette linguini, tomato, lime, coriander


Raspberry, lemon & cashew mousse
Cacao, brazils & kefir


Peppermint, ginger & lemon tea

Menu is: Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and vegetarian options can be provided upon request.


Jamie Raftery, a 3x Michelin trained chef with an illustrious career working alongside mentors such as Michael Caines, Gordon Ramsey and Heston Blumenthal has embraced raw / fermented cooking to bring creative flair to this ancient art.  Having worked at the prestigious Gidleigh Park Hotel and French Laundry, Jamie now studies holistic nutrition and tours the country teaching and hosting pop-up restaurants bringing a unique marriage between his culinary skills and health-centred nutrition.

Vanessa Woozley is a GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Practitioner and ardent fermenter with a passion for teaching families how to transform their health with traditional, gut-healing, whole-foods in a manageable way for busy lives.  Vanessa is a zealous food blogger who loves creating simple whole-food recipes and ferments. Vanessa’s pursuit of finding optimum health through natural foods healed her daughter’s chronic eczema and food sensitivities and she is now dedicated to helping others discover that food can be the most powerful medicine.

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